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Throat / Head & Neck

Our specialists have extensive experience in treating and managing conditions affecting the head, neck, throat, and thyroid. We work with a multidisciplinary team including endocrinologists, oncologists, and allied health professionals to streamline management and improve patient outcomes.


Paediatric / Children's ENT

Westside ENT understands the important difference between treating adults and children and are specialists in providing paediatric ENT care. Most children will experience an issue affecting their ear, nose or throat at some point in their childhood and we can help with conditions including glue ear, tonsils and adenoids and snoring.

Conditions 2

Ear & Hearing

Our surgeons are specialists in conditions affecting the ear and hearing. We can help patients manage and treat conditions including adult hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo.


Nasal & Sinus

We specialise in the medical and surgical management of all aspects of sinonasal disease and work closely with other specialists such as allergists to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.



Rhinoplasty surgery (commonly known as a nose job) is surgery that changes the shape of the nose. This surgery can improve breathing, aesthetics or correct structural issues which have been inherited or caused by injury. For the majority of patients, the reason for rhinoplasty surgery is a combination of these factors.

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